What We Do

Call us old fashioned, but we maintain a strong belief
that relationships are built on face-to-face interaction.


We believe that each individual deserves a personal retirement plan and that plan is best designed through relationships. The principals at Sterling National Financial Group, LLC have pledged to provide financial solutions to our customers through smart planning and sound advice. The results of this commitment is that Sterling enjoys a position of leadership in the retirement industry.

“My spouse passed away three years before I retired. Fortunately, I met with Sterling before I talked with Social Security and made my decisions with my State retirement. Thanks to the advice I got from Sterling, I now understand how to draw my retirement to maximize my benefits.

— Sarah B.


Within the public employee marketplace we offer some of the best-of-show products to support the needs of our clients through annuities, life insurance, retirement planning and employee benefit programs. Integrated solutions from extensive products and services utilize high quality savings vehicles, insurance companies and other providers to deliver the best solution to your individual situation. This approach allows you to consolidate your financial planning into a single relationship using a focused, integrated plan so that the products and strategies work in symphony.

“I am so glad you have come into our lives. When we first met you we knew nothing about finances. Every time you meet with us, we learn something new!

— Maria G.


With a laser focus on your state’s retirement options, each customized plan is structured to help prevent a shortfall at retirement, the need for immediate funds prior to retirement, or your loved ones facing a shortfall in the event of your untimely death. We sit down with each client, and develop a personalized projection that shows what your retirement system will give you in conjunction with Social Security (if you qualify) and other savings like 403(b)s and IRAs. This gives you a true picture of your retirement future so that you can adequately prepare. While all public employees work hard to shape our future, teachers, administrators and support staff work hard to shape our children’s future. At Sterling, we work hard to assist in shaping yours.